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eScape - Irelands leading software and web outsourcing company
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eScape is a software development company and consultancy that builds bespoke software systems based on your needs and requirements. We bring a broad level of experience from working in and for companies big and small across almost every industry. We take your ideas and requirements (even the ones you haven't thought of) and use our team of software design architects to design the right solution that solves the problems you have in the most effective way. Then we design the most efficient development model for it. We project manage the development process, testing, documentation and then plan the delivery and user acceptance testing. And it's all available in house. From logistics to finance, pharmaceutical to education, business to consulting, advertising and retail, human resources to manufacturing, Limerick to Dublin, Cork to London - we've done it all!

eScape Solutions bespoke development and consulting is based on the Microsoft .net platform as well as integrating with other Microsoft products like Microsoft Project, Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Express, Microsoft Access , Excel, Word and of course Microsoft Outlook. This dynamic platform is becoming more and more important as the world of traditional Windows Applications merges with Web-based applications, and web-based application development takes a centre stage with it's obvious benefits of centralisation, easy upgrading, reduced client side installation and administration, and of course, global and secure accessibility. Traditional WinApps are still required for process intensive, communications and device data acquisition like scanning, device integration, data interrogation, critical environment services and advanced platform development. eScape also provides development in PHP (4 and 5) with MySQL Server, which also integrate into the hybrid world of Windows application and Web Based Applications.

We're proud of the relationships we've built up with our clients who continue to use our consulting and development experience and services, some of whom have been outsourcing to us since we were established in Dublin in 2001. eScape is now headquartered in the National Technology Park in Limerick and continues to work in designing, building and deploying software in Galway, Limerick, Kerry, Cork, Dublin, London, Cardiff, Canada, the United States, China and Europe.

We provide small web sites and powerful database web application systems that track visitors in real time and are self maintaining with dynamic data and our easy-to-use content management systems. eScape Software powers eScape Web Sites with our own custom built Content Manager, e-Commerce suite with a product Manager featuring an integrated online ordering and order management solutions, catalogue system and inventory manager that is flexible and easy to use, from the office, at home or even the airport.

Systems that track how visitors got there, what they purchased and what products they looked at, products that can be updated by suppliers directly and approved by you and then sold online. Instant real-time reporting, packing slips and delivery notes, book-keeping, inventory control and payment gateways. Database, backups, hosting, domain names and SSL included.

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